Adding an extension to your home can be an excellent investment, providing you with more space and increasing your property value. Whether you're looking to add a new room, expand your kitchen, or create a home office, Parkhurst General Contracting has got you covered. Here are five home addition ideas to add function and elevate design:


1. Sunroom Addition

A sunroom is a great way to add some extra space to your home while bringing the outdoors in. This type of addition is perfect for those who love to entertain or just want a cozy place to relax in the sun. A sunroom addition can also improve energy efficiency by providing additional insulation and natural lighting.

2. Second-Story Addition

If you're looking for a dramatic way to add space to your home, a second-story addition could be the perfect option. This type of addition can add valuable square footage to your home without taking up any additional yard space. A second-story addition can also be a great way to add a master suite, home office, or additional bedrooms.

3. Kitchen Extension

If you love to cook and entertain, a kitchen extension could be the perfect addition to your home. A kitchen extension can provide more counter space, storage, and seating options. It can also improve your home's flow and functionality, making it easier to prepare and serve meals.

4. Garage Conversion

If you have an attached or detached garage, it can be converted into a functional living space. A garage conversion can add a guest suite, home office, or workout room to your home. It can also be an excellent option for families looking to accommodate elderly parents or adult children.

5. Outdoor Living Space

If you love spending time outside, an outdoor living space could be an excellent addition to your home. This type of addition can include a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen. It can be a great way to entertain guests, enjoy the fresh air, and add value to your property.


Home additions can be an excellent way to add space, function, and style to your home. At Parkhurst General Contracting, we specialize in providing top-quality home renovation services, including expert design, build planning, project management, and product guidance. Whether you're interested in a sunroom addition, second-story addition, kitchen extension, garage conversion, or outdoor living space, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your next home addition project. To learn more about the services we offer, click here. To contact us, click here